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Parbrook points system

Earning points

Cub of the month
Dec: Craig Harris
Nov: Harry Wingate
Oct: Lauren Copley
Sep: Adam Magson
Jul: Tom Chambers
Jun: James Wilson
Apr/May: Lauren Copley
Mar: Holly Wilson
Feb: Tom Chambers
Jan: Ben Tullett

Dec: George Groves
Nov: George Groves
Oct: Craig Harris
Sep: Olivia Viney
July: Luke Pullen
June: Alex Bridle
May: Hannon Talbot
Apr: Hannon Talbot
Mar: Aaron Viney
Feb: Adam Magson
Jan: Cai Nicholas

Dec: Ali Trollope
Nov: Cai Nicholas
Oct: Oliver Bodis
Sep: Scott Harris
Jul: Josh Chapman
Jun: Tom Chambers
May: Aaron Viney
Apr: Scott Harris
Mar: Daniel Chudek
Feb: Daniel Laws
Jan: Mikey Gosling

Dec: James G-Edney
Nov: Scott Harris
Oct: Tilda Tester
Sep: Hannon Talbot
July: Daniel Chudek
June: Josh Chapman
Apr/May: Matt Boyes
Mar/Apr: Josh Chapman
Feb: Oliver Bodis
Jan: Mikey Gosling

Dec: Bertie Tester
Nov: Matt Boyes
Oct: Matt Wilson
Sep: Alfie Burchfield
Jul: Jamie Smith
Jun: Megan Rowland
Apr/May: Matt Wilson
Mar: Conor Hobart
Feb: Michael White
Jan: Jamie Smith

Dec: Michael White
Nov: Bill Walker
Oct: Matt Wilson
Sep: Ellie Brown






Our best six points competition includes a monthly award to the six of the month, starting from a zero score at the start of each month. We also see which Cub has scored the most points and present them with our special "Cub of the month" woggle.

December competition
Lots of points up for grabs this month with our camp at the start, artists badge and then bag packing all earning points for those who took part. Well done to Craig, who came along reluctantly to bag packing to do his duty but as a result completed his Promise challenge and with its +30 points ended up as our Cub of the Month.

November competition
Lord Mayor's Show and Remembrance Sunday resulted in a lot of points and some challenge badges being awarded which helped push up the points. In the end it was a close thing between the Reds and Yellows but the Reds held on. The last time they won was January 2013. Well done to our new Yellow Sixer, Harry, who was Cub of the Month for the first time.

Earning points
There are lots of ways to earn points.

  • +5 when you earn a "joining in" year badge
  • +10 if you are there when we call "pack pack pack" at 6.30
  • +10 if you get a perfect score in inspection at the start of our meetings
  • +15 when you represent us at an event
  • +20 when you earn an activity badge
  • +25 when you become a sixer or second
  • +30 when you earn a challenge badge or your Silver Award
  • Be the winner or the winning team in a game and your six will get points
  • Be the first six ready when asked and your team will get extra points

More about inspection
We will start most evenings with inspection. Each cub is marked out of ten points so what will we be looking for?

  • You will be assessed to see how smart you look
  • Is your scarf folded correctly with at least 3 "chevrons" pointing downwards?
  • Are your badges are in the right place?
  • Are your hands clean?

Losing points
Of course in addition to giving points we can also take them away. In particular, if your behaviour is bad enough for you to be sent into the corner you will lose 10 points.

Best six
You can see the latest points totals on the left of this page. Each month we will make an award to the best six and this will be displayed on the Cubs notice board and also on this page.

Personal points
Although all the points are added up to see which is the best six we also record the score against individuals. Our Cub of the month gets to wear our special woggle for a month.

Why did we introduce a points competition?
We want to try and make the sixes work better as a team and so the points competition will give them a reason to pull together. We hope that it will also help improve behaviour as those who are behaving badly should be stopped by other members of the six to prevent them losing points. Other groups operate similar systems successfully.



Six of the month 14
December: Green
November: Red
October: Yellow
September: Green
July: Yellow
June: Blue
Apr/May: Green
March: Yellow
February: Yellow
January: Blue

Six of the month 13
December: Green
November: Blue
October: Yellow
September: Yellow
July: Green
June: Green
May: Green
April: Green
March: Yellow
February: Green
January: Red

Six of the month 12
December: Yellow
November: Yellow
October: Yellow
September: Red
July: Red
June: Green
May: Red
April: Yellow
March: Blue
February: Blue
January: Yellow

Six of the month 11
December: Red
November: Blue
October: Blue
September: Blue
July: Blue
June: Blue
Apr/May: Blue
Mar/Apr: Blue
February: Blue
January: Blue

Six of the month 10
December: Red
November: Blue
October: Blue
September: Yellow
July: Red
June: Blue
April/May: Blue
March: Yellow
February: Green
January: Green

Six of the month 09
December: Yellow
November: Blue
October: Green
September: Green
July: Blue
June: Blue
Apr/May: Blue
Mar/Apr: Yellow
February: Blue
January: Red

Six of the month 08
Oct: Red six
Nov: Blue six
Dec: Blue six


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