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This is our big camp of the year and one that the leaders really look forward to. This year we visited Bentley Copse Scout Camp Site which is in the North Downs near Shere. It was a level 3 camp. Our programme kept us experimenting through the week as we worked to complete our Scientist's badges. We also had time for some on site activities including climbing and the go-karts plus a trip to the top of Pitch Hill in the Hurtwood. It was a bit of a climb on a hot day and as you can see from the photo, Akela was very pleased to reach the top.

We managed to cut down the photos from the original 500 but there are still around 200 for you to enjoy in the Summer Camp gallery. We also got our story mentioned in the County Times.

Those that followed us (@ParbrookCubs) on Twitter or checked the home page of the website for our Twitter feed got extra information (including pictures) from camp as it happened:

  • Camp all set up and we're ready to start. Definitely enjoying the sunshine 11 Aug
  • Dinner time already. While we've been sorting out tents, Marian and Tracy have made Normandy Pork 11 Aug
  • Red sky in the morning - not a good sign for those tents that woke Akela and Jacala at 0515 12 Aug
  • So hot on the field that we're having our lunch in the shade under the trees 12 Aug
  • We're off the field as we explore the camp site on the tree trail 12 Aug
  • As the Cubs start to slow down, our science based programme takes us to the fitness course for pulse checks 12 Aug
  • Akela's forever blowing bubbles as we have a moment of free time before dinner 12 Aug
  • Campfire's burning. Just as well as it has got a bit chilly on the field 12 Aug
  • A rather breezy day on the field and a lot less sunny. Toasted sandwiches for lunch with climbing to follow 13 Aug
  • With a threat of rain in the air it is time for our first group of climbers 13 Aug
  • Nice to see the sun again this morning after quite a deluge yesterday and overnight. We start with kit inspection 14 Aug
  • It feels as if we are on top of the world as our hike takes us to our lunch stop on Pitch Hill. 2 miles back to camp... 14 Aug
  • The orienteering course is stopping the cubs thinking about the rain 15 Aug
  • Our new parachute brings a splash of colour to our field. We used your Tesco vouchers so thanks to our collectors 16 Aug
  • Now we know why car insurance premiums are high for young drivers. The go karts have brought out an aggressive streak 16 Aug
  • Oh dear, a wet start to our last day. Not ideal for packing away the tents but it will hopefully brighten up later 17 Aug
  • A spot check by Jacala showed that the Cubs were making the most of the hot water available on tap in the toilet block 17 Aug
  • Time to start packing. Raksha will be pleased to see a nicely made bedding roll 17 Aug
  • Good news for leaders - sun is out on the field and the tents are drying. Good news for Cubs - the shop is open! 17 Aug

We last visited Bentley Copse in 2007 when we camped with our friends from 2nd Bracknell. You can see their pictures from that camp.



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