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Scouting website guidelines

The website is only as good as the information it contains. Keeping the pages current and interesting is one of the main tasks. People will soon stop looking if they find that the pages are out of date or "under construction".

We try to keep this site up to date by making regular changes to the front page and our RSS news feed. The content of the sectional pages is the responsibility of those sections and so will not be automatically updated unless new content is provided.

Making a change to a page or requesting a new one is easy. Just send your content to the e-mail address.

Changes to existing pages
You can either send new text to be inserted or copy the text already there and then send the corrected version

Creating new pages
Look at the format of the pages that already exist. A new page will need a 2 line title that isn't too long and then the text for the body of the page. That bit is generally done for you. Page content should be short and snappy with short blocks of text separated by titles - like this page.

Changes to e-mail addresses
Every leader in the group can have a parbrook.org.uk or 1stbillingshurst.org.uk e-mail address. The benefits of this are that they are easy to remember and that you don't have to give out your personal e-mail address. It is also the approach recommended in the Scouting website guidelines. The redirects are managed by the website so if your e-mail changes please e-mail the corrections. The change takes about 5 minutes to implement.

What format?
Don't worry about having to write a page in html or the right format. Just send the text in an e-mail, Word document, pdf or Excel file and it will do. When you are sending a note home just copy the website in and the information can be included on the appropriate page.

How long does it take?
Normally pages are updated in 2-3 days

Why send to website and not Akela?
Websites for Parbrook, 1st Billingshurst and 2nd Bracknell are all maintained together. Now that the websites are getting busy it is important that page updates do not get lost amongst the other e-mails. By sending them to website they will end up in a special folder where it will be easy to see that they need to be actioned. It also establishes a protocol that can be followed if the website hosting is taken over by somebody else.

How will I know that my pages have been updated?
When you send an e-mail to the website address you will get an automatic reply so that you know it has arrived. Unless you ask for it, you won't generally get any notification that your page has been updated but if you subscribe to the RSS feed or check the index page you should see most changes listed there.



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