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Would you like to join the adventure? We are always looking for more members and especially new adult helpers.

Joining as a Cub
Cubs are aged 8 to 10½ years old and can be boys or girls. We operate a waiting list as Beaver Scouts transferring to the pack (and the children of our leaders and helpers) always take priority. If you would like to add your name to the list please complete our enquiry form. The form is sent to Glyn Pullen, our Group Scout Leader, who manages the waiting list. Please note that the Cub leaders do not have access to the waiting list and Cub aged joiners from the waiting list and the colony are shared between us and Dauxwood pack (Wednesday night).

Opportunities for adults
It's not just kids stuff. We’ve always got room for extra regular helpers, so if you’d like to take a more active role in our pack just ask. Your skills and new ideas could be just what we need and you might find that you enjoy it too. You don't have to be a Cub parent or wear uniform but you may like to take advantage of Scout Association training that will be available to you.
Please note that all adults that are in contact with the children in our care have to complete a CRB check. The leaders can tell you more about what this involves or you can contact our Group Scout Leader via the "Contact us" link.

We're very sad to be losing our Akela, Karen Brooks, at the end of this term. At the moment we have not found anybody to take her place and so need to make preparations so that Cubs can continue in a temporary state until a new Akela is found. On 10 June we held a meeting for parents so that our Group Scout Leader, Glyn Pullen, could explain the situation. We have already decided that we'll introduce a parent rota next term and at the meeting we decided that it should have names allocated rather than wait for volunteers. One or two parents offered to help on a regular basis but cannot help every week. The new flexible volunteering strategy from the Scout Association can cope with this and we look forward to welcoming them to the team as soon as the GSL sorts out the paperwork. Of course we'd be very pleased to hear from anybody else that might like to help out.

Here are some of the roles that we are looking to fill:

  • Occasional helper: We welcome additional help at our pack meetings, particularly those outside when we go to the woods. From September we will be reintroducing a parent rota but that will only ask you to help with one week each term. If you'd like to do more than that then please let us know. You do not need to have completed a Scouting CRB check. However, if you think that you might like to help more regularly, or you would like to help with our camps or expeditions then you will need to complete a CRB check.
  • Helper at camp: We do a lot of camping in order to deliver our promise of at least one night away a term. We've always got space for extra adult helpers - either putting up or taking down tents, helping with activities or assisting Marian in the kitchen. You don't always have to actually camp with us but you'll be part of the team. All adults at camp need to have a CRB check.
  • Pack Assistant: We are looking for keen adults to assist the Cub Scout leaders. We're looking for people who could come along most weeks as it is only by coming regularly that you get to know the way we work and feel part of our leadership team. You don't have to be a Cub Scout parent to be a helper. You would not be expected to wear uniform or to undertake training - although both can be available to you.
  • Uniformed Leader: We are looking for keen adults to become Cub Scout leaders. You'd be an energetic person who gets on well with 8 to 11 year olds (and can cope with the noise that they make). We're looking for people who could come along every week and work as part of the leadership team. Your first uniform would be provided by the group once you have been interviewed by the District Appointments Committee. As a warranted leader you make a commitment to undertake training. You don't have to be a Cub Scout parent to become a leader.
  • Group Exec representative: The Group Executive Committee exists to look after the hall and the assets of the group. It is also responsible for group fundraising (although not our Painless Fundraising). They like to have a representative from each section at their meetings which take place monthly, normally on a Monday evening.
  • Subs recorder: As you know, things are always very busy at the start and end of our meetings and things are worse at the start of each half term when the reply slips are coming in. We're looking to lighten the load for the leaders by getting a helper to come along for the first few weeks each half term and record the money that has come in. You won't need to stay for the whole evening, just 20 minutes or so.
  • Painless fundraiser: We're very proud of our Parbrook fundraising that allows us to keep our costs down without having to keep asking you for money. However, we could do even more if everybody signed up and used our Easyfundraising service. We need a helper to promote Easyfundraising to our parents and their friends. A range of marketing materials are available from Easyfundraising to help you and you wouldn't have to come to any pack meetings.

You can find out more information about joining the Scout Association and see the wide range of roles and opportunities available by visiting the Scout HQ website. Speak to a Parbrook leader or use the form to contact the Group Scout Leader if you'd like more information about volunteering at Parbrook Cubs.

Supporting us in other ways
Giving up time is not the only way you can help us. Anybody can support Parbrook Cubs by visiting our Easyfundraising site when you shop online. Register for gift aid and you'll be helping the group at the same time. If you run a charity that would also like to sign up to Easyfundraising then do it from our link and we'll get a bonus for referring you.



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