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We are happy for you to attempt activity badges or work on the challenges at home but it may be a good idea to have a quick word with your leader before you start so that they can tell you what they expect from you and what evidence you will need to bring in..

You can find badge requirements in your Powerpack book and you can also check the requirements online. We don't publish badge requirements on our own site as we link to the Scouts national site so that we can be sure that the requirements are up to date.

Click on the Cub logo below to go straight to our badges.

The page lists various sorts of badges. You'll normally want to look at activity badges - they are the round ones that are worn on the arm. They cover things such as collector, sports enthusiast and martial arts. Don't forget that things like musician and swimmer are staged activity badges. There are also the challenge awards which you need to complete to get your silver award. These cover a wider range of subjects.

When you have earned your badge you will need to know where to sew it.



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