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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Henry Gilroy Al Williamson This collection of stories, set around the time of the film Star Wars Episode 1 features previously unseen events in the lives of Qui Gon Jinn, Obi Wan Kenobi, Queen Amidala the boy Anakin Skywalker.. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace This collection of stories set around the time of the film Star Wars Episode features previously unseen events in the lives of Qui Gon Jinn Obi Wan Kenobi Queen Amidala the boy Anakin Skywalker
  • Title: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace
  • Author: Henry Gilroy Al Williamson
  • ISBN: 9781569713594
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace Henry Gilroy Al Williamson

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    1 Blog on “Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

    1. Ozan says:

      You will enjoy the comics if you watch the movie before reading the comics because you will know the absent little scenes between the panels and that will make you understand what s going on better the art was ok but aspecially it was not very good at totally interpret action scenes like duel of the fates but if you watched the movie before reading, you can fill in the gaps between panels and enjoy the comics as i said before.Jar jar lol you know what i realised i don t hate jar jar as much as [...]

    2. Iset says:

      Adds a handful of extra side stories to the events of Episode I, as seen through the eyes of Anakin, Padme, Qui Gon, and Obi Wan Passably whiles away half an hour, but on the whole I wouldn t recommend this Obi Wan s tale is just a rehash summarisation of Episode I, which makes it kind of pointless Anakin and Padme s tale suffer by virtue of the fact that they feature little kid Anakin and Jar Jar Binks heavily, which I have to say seriously pushed the limits of my tolerance Actually my favourit [...]

    3. Jimmakos Gavagias says:

      4 5 1 Darth Maul Ray Park

    4. Jared says:

      Star Wars Legends Project 68Background Episode I The Phantom Menace was released in 4 issues during May 1999 The trade paperback was released the same month It was ostensibly written by Henry Gilroy though the story is credited to George Lucas, and the comic sticks almost line for line to the film, so it s unclear to me what he wrote with art pencilled by Rodolfo Damaggio Gilroy s other work includes a dozen or so prequel era comics including the adaptation of Episode II Attack of the Clones , a [...]

    5. Neil Coulter says:

      Graphic novel adaptations of films are only worthwhile if they add something extra, or show the film s story from a different perspective This adaptation of The Phantom Menace actually reduces the movie s story rather than adding anything to it The pod race, for example, is just a few panels and is incomprehensible unless you know what s going on from having watched the movie.Still, though, there are quite a few parts of this story that work perhaps better in graphic novel form than in the movie [...]

    6. Benjamin says:

      For me, The Phantom Menace has always been a favourite The world was far impressive than anything prior in the Saga, the choreography was enticing, and the story introduced nine year old me to the absurdity of bureaucracy This graphic novelisation doesn t really live up to the film, though, and I think the issue with Henry Gilroy and Al Williamson s treatment of The Phantom Menace is that both the dialogue and panels stick too closely to the film s script and frames There are some great graphic [...]

    7. Danielle says:

      Read this review and on my blog.This graphic novelisation of The Phantom Menace was underwhelming.My main problem with this graphic novel was the art style used, it just did not work I am struggling as to how to describe the style used but the facial expressions were not given life that I saw on the screen.I suspect that with this being only a 4 issue novelisation, the amount of information able to be put onto the page was comparatively small as to what is on the screen for a 2 hour movie I kep [...]

    8. Jill Nardi says:

      Nice art Jar Jar Binks is so damn annoying in this that I almost we skipped his lines.but I wanted to read further into him since I believe in the whole Darth Jar Jar theory.

    9. Lady Darcy says:

      Loved the movie, why not the book

    10. Tony Romine says:

      The Phantom Menace is the first in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, it was written some 15 years after the last movie in the original trilogy, which is widely considered a classic of the sci fi genre The prequel trilogy is not held in such high regard and in my reviews of these graphic novel adaptations, I ll briefly explain my own issues with them.The Phantom Menace is a steaming pile of garbage The plot, roughly, is about the Jedi Knights first coming into contact with Anakin Skywalker who event [...]

    11. Jared says:

      Star Wars Legends Project 69Background Episode I The Phantom Menace Adventures came out in 4 issues from May to July 1999 The trade paperback was released in March of 2000 Each issue consists of a stand alone story created by a different writer artist pair.Anakin s story was written by Timothy Truman and drawn by Steve Crespo Truman wrote several issues of the Star Wars Republic comic series, and a huge number of Conan comics for Dark Horse, as well as work for many other comic publishers, most [...]

    12. Ahdom says:

      This was a literal adaptation of the film No , no less The artwork was decent and it s always nice to read dialogue for intimacy with the story itself.

    13. Christian Smith says:

      Story 3 10 this Comic turns a magical movieo a graphic novel full of choppy dialog, cut out scenes, and boring action.

    14. Pear says:

      Strange seeing some parts not in the film, as well as parts in the film done differently.

    15. Elizabeth says:

      A planet, invaded by a Trade Federation Jedi, whose negotiations with the Federation never take place And a boy, whose midi chlorians Jedi life force thingsn t explain them well are off the chart When these come together, they createThe Phantom Menace.Ok, sigh I read this book because 1 I like Star Wars and its EU extended universe , and 2 I needed to read a graphic novel for my class This one fits both categories But, I admit I didn t like it all that well Graphic novels are, in my own opinion, [...]

    16. Neville Ridley-smith says:

      Serviceable.That s about the best I can offer.One has to ask, what s the point of a comic adaptation And how does this one fair A chance to enjoy the story again things are very rushed in this adaptation, so it s mostly a fail A chance to see it in a different form ie art it s ok pretty good in parts A chance to linger on what s being said success phantom menace has a lot of things going on and can be a bit confusing who s taxing the trade routes again A chance to see extra scenes or additional [...]

    17. Todd Bauerle says:

      I really enjoyed the previous Marvel hardcover releases which remaster the classic trilogy adaptations But this is a disappointing release First, the cover art for each of the prequel books is terrible The design for this book is so bad, they cannot center the logo on the cover Each previous book contained an introduction, but there is none here I know the film isn t liked, but it is just as deserving of equal treatment Then, previous releases took the time to quality remaster the coloring Here [...]

    18. Christopher says:

      A nice adaptation of a movie I wasn t that into.

    19. Yousef says:

      it fills in the gaps of the comic bookStar Wars, Episode I, the Phantom Menace, whether these stories were missing from the movie but existed in the book, or missing from the comic and existed in the movie, or were made up altogether, i don t know, but they gave good background to the story, and i would not recommend reading it without knowing what the core story movie comic was s a bunch of separate unrelated side stories that fill in the main events, which is why i don t think it d be meaningf [...]

    20. Decca says:

      I didn t feel this added to any new understanding of the material presented in the movie However, I m not sure if the point was to add anything new to the reader s understanding It was like watching the movie on paper Jar Jar was still as annoying as ever and I still can t understand everything he says in the movie or in the graphic novel I do think it is a great medium to relive or to discover the Star Wars story I feel that the movie delivered and presented the material in a enjoyable way tha [...]

    21. Jean Fernandez says:

      Trata se de uma excelente adapta o por m demasiadamente resumida do filme que por vezes funciona para o bem da obra nos casos de menos apari es do Jar Jar Binks e da desnecessariamente longa corrida de pods mas que as vezes funciona mal como observa se na parte final do livro.Mas, de qualquer maneira, recomendo este livro apenas para aqueles que j viram o filme, n o querem rev lo e s desejam ter a sua mem ria refrescada para que apenas ajude com alguns detalhes da hist ria da saga.

    22. Yousef says:

      this is my first ever source for the actual star wars story i didn t watch the movie and didn t read the book, i played a lot of games happening in the universe and watched some cartoon episode, but this was how i finally got to know the originale art was detailed and the dialogue was concise, as many said it was the movie in comic form, snippets of scenes here and there, a summary, of the movieso got it for 1

    23. Kimberly says:

      SO my little brother got this at books a million, and as a star wars geek, I thought, why not It s pretty neat little book, and I love the illustrations.Great for some light, light, light reading, it s pretty much a supplement to the movie, following the characters through their time off screen I d like to go back and see if they have any for the original trilogy How nerdy am I

    24. S. J. says:

      It has been many years since I checked this out of library I figured since I like Star Wars and I like graphic novels, I should give this a go, even if it is about a bad movie.I got what I expected It wasn t bad and it wasn t good It just was I can t recommend buying it but if you like Star Wars and comics, I d say at least read it once.

    25. Bradley says:

      It is what it is The film in comic book form For what it is its good, except in the lightsaber fight scene panels there is no sense of fast paced action as the sabers are drawn like all three duellers are posing for a picture

    26. Tara Calaby says:

      It s been so long since I read this that I can t really remember the details.

    27. Zuzana says:

      Jar Jar is annoying in any shape and form even in the comic book format.

    28. Luis says:

      Fiel adaptaci n de la pel cula.

    29. Alayne says:

      Le do el a o pasado Al haber visto la pel cula tantas veces s lo pude apreciar los dibujos y eso, pero recuerdo que estuvo bien.

    30. Janice says:

      3.5 stars

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