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Upright Beasts
June 09, 2020 Comments.. 332
Upright Beasts Lincoln Michel Praise for Lincoln Michel Lincoln Michel is one of contemporary literary culture s greatest natural resources Justin Taylor, Vice Weird, darkly funny stories Michel ably handles modes from lyrical to ironic New York TimesChildren go to school long after all the teachers have disappeared, a man manages an apartment complex of attempted suicides, and a couple navigatPraise for Lincoln Michel Lincoln Michel is one of contemporary literary culture s greatest natural resources Justin Taylor, Vice Weird, darkly funny stories Michel ably handles modes from lyrical to ironic New York TimesChildren go to school long after all the teachers have disappeared, a man manages an apartment complex of attempted suicides, and a couple navigates their relationship in the midst of a zombie attack In these short stories, we are the upright beasts, doing battle with our darker, weirder impulses as the world collapses around us Lincoln Michel s stories are strange, haunting and often very funny beasts His prose is rich and also spare He can kill you in two pages or take you for a long, dangerous, kooky ride and then kill you And by kill you, I mean thrill you Savor this book and welcome Mr Michel Sam Lipsyte In Upright Beasts, Lincoln Michel uses the unreal and the surreal in ways that allow his readers to understand something about the human condition Who are we when someone allows us to see ourselves clearly We are pitiful, ridiculous, beautiful, sometimes brave and sometimes cowards, but always in these stories illuminated Kelly Link Many first books carry the suggestion of promise, of wonderful things to come, but it is most unusual to encounter a debut as agile and assured and utterly dazzling as Upright Beasts These stories are mighty surrealist wonders, mordantly funny and fiercely intelligent, and Lincoln Michel is a writer that will leave you in awe Laura van den Berg Lincoln Michel has created a sinister landscape that feels at once uncomfortably familiar and yet truly strange This is the post pastoral as creeping horror story a kind of secret, alternate history of a forgotten America, a country of half dead towns and empty streets There are welcome echoes of Barthelme and others in here, but Michel s voice carries through, darkly intelligent and unmistakably original A tremendous debut Charles Yu The world presented in Michel s admirable debut collection is similar to our own, yet twisted just enough to feel strange Michel frequently knocks his brief bursts of prose out of the park Publishers Weekly Deadpan and life affirming, the stories in this genre bending debut veer from an apartment complex for the suicidal to a ghostly artists colony to the innards of wild things O MagazineLincoln Michel s work has appeared in BOMB, Oxford American, Tin House, the Believer, the Paris Review Daily, and elsewhere A founding editor of the literary magazine Gigantic, Michel also serves as an online editor for Electric Literature.. Upright Beasts Praise for Lincoln Michel Lincoln Michel is one of contemporary literary culture s greatest natural resources Justin Taylor Vice Weird darkly funny stories Michel ably handles modes from lyrical to
  • Title: Upright Beasts
  • Author: Lincoln Michel
  • ISBN: 9781566894180
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback
  • Upright Beasts Lincoln Michel

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      Lincoln Michel

    1 Blog on “Upright Beasts

    1. Roxane says:

      Strange, sharply written stories I was less fond of the last section but the first three sections were wonderful Lots of unexpected endings The first story, Our Education is probably my favorite Very good read overall Check it out.

    2. Adam Wilson says:

      This book is the Dopest Anyone who says different is a wack MC.

    3. Kevin says:

      Really wonderful and inventive.

    4. Terri Jacobson says:

      This collection of 21 short stories defies categorization The stories all deal with strange events, and they all deal with the beasts both within ourselves and in the world around us In Our Education, the teachers have disappeared, and the children in the school try to carry on Shades of Lord of the Flies In The River Trick, a man is in charge of a building filled with people who are attempting suicide, and it s his job to intervene in a timely matter In Almost Recess, we again return to childre [...]

    5. Panagiotis says:

      Lincoln Michel , , , , Link, , , , , The River Trick, , , On the brief travels of my brother, , M , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Michel , , .

    6. Book Riot Community says:

      Lincoln Michel has long been an important voice in the literary world as a writer for BOMB, Tin House, The Believer, and , as well as Electric Literature s online editor, so it s exciting to finally have a collection of his work These stories are dark and weird which is right in my wheelhouse Michel explores social impulses and the surprising behaviors of us upright beasts when normality is twisted or ripped from existence A stellar debut Bonus It s published by Coffee House Press, who can t see [...]

    7. Fede says:

      DNF 45%Unfortunately I found these stories quite unremarkable I have read almost half of them and none really stuck with me They are supposed to be dark and eerie but instead I found them insipid I am afraid this is a disappointment for me and I will not be finishing this collection.

    8. Peter Landau says:

      The stories in UPRIGHT BEASTS by Lincoln Michel are just far enough removed from reality so as to be real They re strange, like life is strange, and just as funny, heartfelt and unexpected It s only in the final section of the book that he pulls further back from credibility with the inclusion of monsters who are not manmade At first I thought the gimmick was tipping the scales to too cutesy or clever, at least for me, but this section, featuring the two longest of his short stories, share a co [...]

    9. Scott says:

      Full of monsters, and monstrous people, alien half breeds, and zombies, Upright Beasts should feel alien in itself But it s funny, warm, melancholy, and complex I loved it I ve now read If It Were Anyone Else some eight or nine times trying to figure out how it works I cannot It is a genius piece of writing And I ve taught Our Education to great success at least twice The collection is equal parts Kafka, Barthelme, and Lovecraft, I think so anyway But it s certainly not enough of a description a [...]

    10. Seth says:

      Came highly recommended with apt comparisons to Donald Barthelme, who is my favorite author I d throw in some K b Abe and Steven Millhauser reminders too Did not disappoint.

    11. Emily says:

      I cranked through this little volume of short stories quite quickly and really enjoyed them all Each one cultivates an air of strangeness that both alienates us and pulls us in all at the same time That was a fascinating dynamic I m feeling enough of the eerie vibe to want to draw back, but instead, I got sucked in The final story, Getting There Nonetheless was probably my favorite.I would love to see a novel from this author This collection was really great reading, but as always with short sto [...]

    12. David says:

      There s some wild and great stuff in this one I d definitely read the next book that Michel puts out I came really close to rating the whole book five stars, and there are certainly many five star stories in here Many Frankly, I wonder if I ended up just slightly on the four star side for the whole book just because some struck me so much than others that I wanted just a bit out of stories I would have otherwise loved Star systems suck anyway Regardless, all good stories and some great writing [...]

    13. Heavy Feather says:

      From HFR contributor Nick Sweeney Like a novel, a short story collection can live or die within its first few pages, and this collection sets a significantly high standard Michel throws all his tools and techniques and the kitchen sink in it, and the reader will appreciate it There is no hiding, no teasing He, like the metaphorical and sometimes physical monsters within these pages, goes for the jugular quickly Full review here ow PEi5y

    14. Nadxieli Mannello says:

      A great collection with a range of stories from the quiet and opaque to the weird to the darkly funny Our Education, The River Trick, Filling Pools and If It Were Anyone Else I m just going to start listing too many are really spectacular.

    15. Amanda says:

      This short story collection is what is best about The Rumpus Book Club Good quirky writing that I never would have picked up on my own A few of them missed the mark for me but most of them left me thinking and a few even caused me to re read them That s pretty hard to get me to do

    16. Tobias says:

      Some nicely unsettling stories here, from the satirical to the horrific to the flat out strange A couple of the stories impressively capture a mood of paranoia whether it s a suburban community s rivalries turning manic or a group of friends wrangling with their own pasts and a zombie outbreak.

    17. ChloƩ Cooper Jones says:

      An absolutely brilliant collection These stories emanate from a single authorial voice a voice so clear, specific and powerful that it will beat up your own I thought like this book for a week after reading it.

    18. Charles Dee Mitchell says:

      I picked this up because I admire Michel s editorial projects the website Electric Literature and the journal Gigantic But there wasn t much here for me in the stories.

    19. Jason Diamond says:

      Michel mixes around genres here, so you get a little Borges, a little Lovecraft, a little Bradbury It s a great and strange first collection.

    20. Gilly says:


    21. Leah Lucci says:

      These are a series of sad, clever stories that I would mostly put under the umbrella of festering suburbia I really like to read stories and try to find a theme Sometimes there isn t one That s a disappointment Things are happening in a heightened, sad, hyper stifled, version of our own reality Most of the book is along that vein until the final quarter, where the stories gently lift themselves off the rails and go buckwild These are hit and miss, but the hits really do land Overall, I really d [...]

    22. Eleanor Roth says:

      I enjoyed the stories much once I started reading them as flash fiction Looking for the word beasts was like a fun Easter egg hunt, it probably appears in about half the stories Some of my favorites were Routine, Everybody Whose Anybody, My Life in the Bellies of Beasts love , Things Left Outside, Our Education, and The River Trick Many of the stories were haunting, funny, and sharp A few were forgettable Will definitely be reading of Michel

    23. Charles Cohen says:

      He s a good one, with his off puttingly clear sentences and his unusually normal characters The best short story writers take what you know the words, the sentences, the plot, the humans and shake them around until you think you know what you re reading but then you sleep on it and all of a sudden they are something else Michel gets there.

    24. Brian says:

      I suspect many people will miss that the Note on the Type is actually another story Go back and read it.

    25. Seth says:

      I enjoyed this sobering collection, and Michel has talent for sure Unfortunately, for me, there was just too much of the same voice and theme here The majority of these are the kinds of stories that end without substantial resolution On occasion, this works for me These, however, mostly do not There is an overtone of defeatism and predestined tragedy to these stories that leaves me with the impression of the author having a giant shrug and murmuring what s the point anyway There are some fun rom [...]

    26. Cassie says:

      Beautiful writing Almost every story is a hit

    27. Ben says:

      I reviewed this book for the Colorado Review Here s a representative sample In twenty five stories twenty six if you count an unusually haunting Note on the Type , Michel ventures through a tainted American landscape full of monsters, pitfalls, neglected gods, and robot butlers The appeal here is in being disoriented, moving abruptly from one reality to another even within the confines of a single piece The slow dissolution of a marriage can, and will, be interrupted by episodes of paranoid delu [...]

    28. Matt says:

      I liked the off center ideas that populated a lot of these stories, the crazy invention on display that mostly feels fresh, very short story after short story But I m not sure that I really thought the endings were as good many of these felt like concept delivery devices instead of actual stories with arcs Not like I need them to be realistic jewelbox narratives or anything like that, but many, to me, lost steam partway through and then kind of petered out The last story, though, about the pair [...]

    29. KWinks says:

      I treated myself to this story collection when I realized that my library was never going to buy it I m glad I did There are some real gems in here It s so hard to review short story collections, it really is I m just going to list my favorites in case I ever need to refer back to them some day something that actually happens than you would think Our Education loved it , The Room Inside My Father s Room, Getting There NonethelessI m most impressed by Michel s ability to swap genres like it s no [...]

    30. Michelle Gragg says:

      3.5 Stars This book hovers between three and four stars for me The stories I liked I liked a lot But the ones I didn t, did not add anything by inclusion They were just off putting I also think the timing of reading added to my enjoyment If it was the middle of summer and not October I don t know if the weird and surreal worlds in this book would grab me as much There is no great theme that ties all the stories together for me except offbeat strange Entertaining read I would have enjoyed them a [...]

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