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Martin John
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Martin John Anakana Schofield Martin John is not keen on P words He isolates P words from the newspapers into long lists For you, so you know he s kept busy, so you don t have to worry he might be beside you or following you or thinking about your body parts So you don t have to worry about what else he has been thinking about.From Anakana Schofield, the brilliant and unconventional author of MalarkMartin John is not keen on P words He isolates P words from the newspapers into long lists For you, so you know he s kept busy, so you don t have to worry he might be beside you or following you or thinking about your body parts So you don t have to worry about what else he has been thinking about.From Anakana Schofield, the brilliant and unconventional author of Malarky, comes a dark, humorous and uncomfortable novel circuiting through the minds, motivations, and preoccupations of a character many women have experienced, but few up until now, have understood quite so well The result confirms Schofield as one of the bravest and most innovative authors at work in English today.Anakana Schofield is an Irish Canadian writer, who won the First Novel Award and the Debut Litzer Prize for Fiction in 2013 for her debut novel Malarky.. Martin John Martin John is not keen on P words He isolates P words from the newspapers into long lists For you so you know he s kept busy so you don t have to worry he might be beside you or following you or th
  • Title: Martin John
  • Author: Anakana Schofield
  • ISBN: 9781771960342
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Martin John Anakana Schofield

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    1. Hugh says:

      This is not a comfortable read but it is a memorable one, and I can understand why it was shortlisted for last year s Goldsmiths Prize, a prize that rewards innovative literature Martin John is a serial sexual offender with only a tenuous grip on reality, and the book is a reflection of this confusion, full of repetition and typographical trickery, with plenty of pages that just contain a few words I don t really feel qualified to write a detailed review of this one.

    2. Peter Boyle says:

      I was surprised to read some reviews describing this book as a comedy Though it contains a number of hilarious scenes, to me it is primarily a sad and disturbing portrait of a vastly troubled mind But whatever about the categorization of the book, Martin John Gaffney is a character that will not be forgotten in a hurry.It is immediately apparent that Martin John is not the full shilling He is obsessed with Eurovision and his house is jam packed with VHS tapes and old newspapers relating to the c [...]

    3. Krista says:

      Inadequate The inadequate molester is the sex offender who least resembles social and behavioural norms He is characterized as a social misfit, an isolate, who appears unusual or eccentric He may be mentally ill and prefers non threatening sexual partners.Martin John, the novel, is an uncomfortable and fractured look inside the mind of a deeply disturbed man With only a sentence or two on each of the first few pages, I initially wondered to myself, What kind of self important post modern tricker [...]

    4. Amanda says:

      Martin John takes you deep inside the head of a very sick man who has done bad things It is an uncomfortable read at times but so very well done This is one of those books where my own reactions to it surprised me that doesn t happen a lot and I m always happy when it does because it gives me many things to think about.

    5. Blair says:

      Anyone who s read even the briefest synopsis of Martin John will not be expecting pleasant subject matter, but I wasn t expecting the style to be equally offputting Probing the obsessive, repetitive, yet disjointed thoughts of Martin John whose main interests include Eurovision, walking circuits around Euston station, and exposing himself to women in public it is arrhythmic, feeling designed to disrupt and frustrate It is itself circuitous and, at the same time, fractured as Martin John s circui [...]

    6. Paul Bryant says:

      Pleasantly nasty, queasy and sickening, verging on bitter comedy, this one gives us the clockwork toy roundandround impaired thinking of an Irish sex offender called Martin John who likes to flash his tackle and fondle the lower limbs of the opposite sex when possible and nuns not excluded but appears never to have entertained the idea of rape or indeed murder, so that s a mercy MJ is barely hanging on to a job in London as a guard in some office block, he does the night shift He has three or fo [...]

    7. Steven Langdon says:

      Martin John is certainly not an easy subject for a novel a sexual aggressor who pushes himself on women and masturbates in public So it is an act of bravery and creative imagination for author Anakana Schofield to inhabit his mind and heart and body for 322 shattering pages in this powerful book The novel has been short listed for Canada s 2015 Giller Prize for the best work of fiction during the year and deservedly so.Labelled an avant garde showcase in the Globe and Mail, Martin John is writte [...]

    8. Neil says:

      This is a rather disturbing book The subject matter is disturbing a mentally troubled sex pest who has a habit of revealing himself in public and much worse and his, it seems, equally mad mother Possibly disturbing is the black humour throughout the book that leaves us laughing at something and then feeling guilty for finding it amusing The writing style is also unsettling it is often hard to work out who the narrator is it could be the titular Martin John, it could be his mother, it could be s [...]

    9. Doug says:

      Not really sure what to make of this its nomination for the Goldsmiths Prize for innovation in literature makes sense, as the style is fairly unique but innovative does not necessarily equate to excellence, and in this case I was bored than shocked perhaps becoming numb to sexual predation due to the incessant media attention to such in the current US election , and wasn t even much interested in this exceedingly repetitive story of a public exhibitionist masturbator The prose is purposely flat [...]

    10. Vicki says:

      It s time to bust out the Lord Anakana Schofield s bracing, hypnotic book is called Martin John, but indelible Mary is my new favourite literary heroine.

    11. Paul Fulcher says:

      Martin John starts with the rather striking opening page Index 1 Martin John has made mistakes 2 Check my card 3 Rain will fall 4 Harm was done 5 It put me in the Chair These 5 refrains , as well as the disjointed narrative style, will recur throughout the novel Shortlisted for the 2015 Giller Prize in Canada and the choice of the Shadow Jury , the 2016 Goldsmiths Prize, Martin John certainly fulfils the remit of the latter, fiction at its most innovative and novel, and most recently the 2017 Re [...]

    12. Jean-marcel says:

      This is probably the most harrowing of all the Giller nominees It s not for the faint of heart or those who don t occasionally appreciate being discomfited by literature.At first I was a little worried when I started this The format is strange, the paragraphs representative of sharp, jagged thoughts spiraling off into all sorts of odd directions and rattling around and around like marbles in a shaking tin can The effect is initially disorienting, but it didn t take me long to fall into the rhyth [...]

    13. William Koon says:

      This is about as good an experimental novel with a special needs London masturbator as one would want The question is does one want an experimental novel with a special needs London masturbator Warning contains material about hoarding of Eurovision video tapes.

    14. Neil says:

      Yikes, sure as heck not my cup of tea The first 75 pages failed miserably in enticing any further wilful suffering Moving on.

    15. Roger Brunyate says:

      P is for Pervertd pedophile, and police, and psycho, and perilous, and parliament, and prison Martin John Gaffney does not like P words, and if he sees them in a news aper headline he has to calm himself down by doing circuits, walking fast around whatever space he is in Euston Station, say but never addington Of course, they are after him, the Meddlers, the people who will not leave him alone Organized he just knows by Baldy Conscience, the man who has rented his upstairs flat in South London, [...]

    16. Aara says:

      Be advised, from the very start, that Martin John is not a whimsical read Take the darker and disturbing elements of Malarky and I would really suggest reading it first both for context and because it is an excellent read and hold them under a magnifying glass and you ll have a better sense of what this book is like The main character is not a good person in fact he is the kind of person that most people would give zero sympathy to, attack and reject Yet Schofield, as with Herself in Malarky, d [...]

    17. beentsy says:

      This was like a loose end of yarn on a sweater You pull it and the string just gets longer and longer and the sweater just keeps unravelling until you re left with a pile of tangled string You re not sure what s real and what s just a figment of a character s imagination Your face hurts from being scrunched up in reaction to the things you re reading It was bloody hard work I can t imagine how hard it was to write.There s a line in this book, That s aggressive, but you see this hasn t been an ea [...]

    18. Louise says:

      Being inside the head of a sexual predator is a scary place to be and that is exactly where this book takes you What starts off as an odd jumble of words and sentences leads to the cacophonous thoughts of Martin John.

    19. Dessa says:

      Intriguing and difficult and a little horrifying Masterfully done Could it take the Giller Quite possibly.

    20. Kimbofo says:

      If budding writers wanted to learn how to best use refrains in their work they should read Anakana Schofield s Martin John, which has been shortlisted for this year s Giller Prize.This new novel, Schofield s second, is dotted with refrains harm has been done , it is never defined and rain will fall are just a handful of examples that form a kind of hypnotic litany that works a spell over the reader It s hard to pinpoint how the author has achieved this without detracting from the storyline, but [...]

    21. Wanda says:

      Actual rating 3.5 starsAnother entry on my Horrible Humans shelf Martin John is certainly not someone you would want to be Facebook friends with He is a creepy sexual offender of the nuisance variety, although as I read the author planted just enough doubt into my mind that, by book s end, I was pretty certain that he would be destined for worse crimes if he remained uninterrupted.I was unsure of the time period of this book The only pop culture references were to the Eurovision singing competit [...]

    22. Magdelanye says:

      There are simply things we won t know It s how it is As it is in life must it be unto the page There s the known and the unknown In the middle is where we wander and wonder p34Strong writing and clever formatting carry this unpalatable tale to its disturbing climax A strong stomache is needed to read it.This is one of those books that you can t wait to finish, yet you must finish, if only to make sure there are no loose ends lying about and that nothing remains in you, like curiosity or images o [...]

    23. Rebecca Rosenblum says:

      There is a stunning book I have never seen anything else like it The fractured point of view and timeline are not po mo stunts, they are in service of a fractured character who I don t think could be as completely understood any other way By forcing the reader to follow Martin John s experiences without a stable narrative lines or context cues, Schofield force us to live a tiny bit of his destabilized, uncertain, terrifying life The book is very funny in parts, because life is, but also by turns [...]

    24. Jonathan Pool says:

      Anakana Schofield didn t go for the easy option with Martin John, her second novel.It s one thing to write a novel in an innovative style it s even braver to choose subject matter featuring mental illness and extreme anti social behaviour.Try promoting that combination to occasional readers, and or if you want to achieve any level of sales of the book.I thought both the literary devices used, and the treatment of a difficult, largely unspoken of, subject, was well done.Children are taught about [...]

    25. WndyJW says:

      I rated it four stars because it deserves at least four stars If my rating reflected my enjoyment it would be 3 stars Martin John is a stream of consciousness book that moves from the mind of Martin John, a mentally ill man who not only masturbates in public and exposes himself to women, but also touches women, for some reason all of the reviews mention his public indecency, but don t mention that he does assault women to the mind of his also slightly off mother, and an omnipotent narrator who d [...]

    26. Jocelyn says:

      Remarkable fiction by a talented writer Anakana Schofield takes her readers on a compassionate and crazy ride through the mind of her mentally troubled main character, Martin John Caffney, and his long suffering Irish mother At times I found this book almost too disturbing to read and needed to take it in small doses But the author s colourful and descriptive language and her innovative style of conveying this deeply neurotic material keeps this story compelling Oh, and the telling is certainly [...]

    27. Christine Hayton says:

      This is a DNF the experimental writing style proved very difficult to read Combine that with the distasteful characters, and obscure plot and development, and you have a book I found impossible to enjoy Some readers may find it interesting both in content and style, but it was not to my taste at all.

    28. MacKenzie Hamon says:

      Well I guess I have to read Fifteen Dogs next, because after finishing this book I am completely at a loss for how it didn t win the Giller Prize This is an incredibly timely, relevant book that sheds light on the serious problems we as a society face in dealing with mental illness Anakana Schofield is a genius.

    29. Yvonne says:

      This is such a well written book and the pacing makes it almost impossible to put down But Martin John is not a sympathetic character In fact he s quite vile which makes it hard to like the book.

    30. Jafar says:

      Another one of those novels that are intentionally written to be weird and unreadable to compensate for the lack of substance or to give the appearance of originality.

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