S.W. Hubbard
The Lure
June 20, 2020 Comments.. 218
The Lure S.W. Hubbard Previously published as Swallow the HookBLACK MARKET ADOPTION SCAM ROCKS A SMALL TOWN In a small Adirondack Mountain town, secrets are hard to keep No wonder Trout Run, NY is shocked when sweet, dowdy Mary Pat Sheehan dies from complications of childbirth No one even knew she was pregnant How did she hide her condition Who is the father And where is the baby Mary PaPreviously published as Swallow the HookBLACK MARKET ADOPTION SCAM ROCKS A SMALL TOWN In a small Adirondack Mountain town, secrets are hard to keep No wonder Trout Run, NY is shocked when sweet, dowdy Mary Pat Sheehan dies from complications of childbirth No one even knew she was pregnant How did she hide her condition Who is the father And where is the baby Mary Pat s devout parents are frozen in denial, but Police Chief Frank Bennett is determined not to let this scandal be swept under the rug The he digs, the convinced he becomes that Mary Pat s baby is very much alive That someone is criminally responsible for Mary Pat s death And that other vulnerable young women are at risk When Frank uncovers a highly profitable black market adoption ring operating on his turf, he is determined to root it out But cooperation is hard to find For loving couples desperate to create a family, the lure of a healthy white infant is impossible to resist And for wily manipulators desperate for cash, the lure is even stronger Now Frank must navigate the dangerous intersection of love and greed And one wrong turn could spell death to those he most wants to protect.Fans of Craig Johnson s Walt Longmire mysteries will enjoy the adventures of this small town Adirondack detective.. The Lure Previously published as Swallow the HookBLACK MARKET ADOPTION SCAM ROCKS A SMALL TOWN In a small Adirondack Mountain town secrets are hard to keep No wonder Trout Run NY is shocked when sweet dowdy
  • Title: The Lure
  • Author: S.W. Hubbard
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Lure S.W. Hubbard

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      S.W. Hubbard

    1 Blog on “The Lure

    1. Kathy Collins says:

      I always enjoy a good mystery story but this one really kept me guessing Lots of side stories were woven into the plot to make it interesting I also found the characters interesting and the author was able to bring them to life in the story It also brought out the complexity of dealing with difficult issues and how the wrong decision can have devastating affects on the people involved I would like to read Frank Bennett mysteries.

    2. Susie Fiorito says:

      I loved it It was just what I wanted for a fast simple mystery I look forward to reading in the Frank Bennett series I want to go to the Adirondacks now.

    3. Rita says:

      A good days readJust when I thought I had the answers, another kink was introduced.but it all flows into a well structured and enticing story

    4. Celeste Arnone says:

      Great mystery I really enjoyed this The author s vivid descriptions of the town and characters really helps the reader visualize the story.

    5. Mary Rowe says:

      Well crafted whodunitPicturesque setting, diverse characters, several story threads all neatly resolved by the end Nicely paced, genteel or less mystery.

    6. Marsha says:

      The manner in which the author apparently had several plots running at once and then combined them smoothly into one satisfying conclusion was well done And the fact that one of them was not totally wrapped into that but was left as just a separate thing that was happening was done such that the reader was not left feeling that it was incomplete.Transitions could have been better There were several times when it felt like action was disjoint and confusing, until I realized that there was a chang [...]

    7. George says:

      Normally a mystery is of minor interest to me, but for some reason, this novel was hard to put down when I was reading it Character development, location description, and writing style were all excellent.

    8. bonnie kirchner says:

      The Lure This is a very good mystery I really enjoyed it It has a lot of suspense.which is what I really like I would recommend this book Worth reading.

    9. Wanda says:

      A good read This is my second book in this series I plan on reading the rest of the series The characters are interesting.

    10. Lynda Kirby says:

      An enjoyable mystery set in small town America The plot was full of twists and turns which kept me guessing.

    11. barbara pint says:

      ReviewI enjoyed reading this book The main characters were very likable The author keep me guessing who was guilty Thanks to the author for a good mystery

    12. barrie tinker says:

      I hadn t read this authors books before so I was than pleasantly surprised how soon I was hooked The story was great and kept me page turning till the end Mark me down as a new fan

    13. Leslie says:

      good story didn t see the ending on this coming

    14. MaryAnn says:

      So far I have really enjoyed everything this author has written I read Take The Bait, the first book in this series, the other day and immediately purchased The Lure as soon as I d finished it.The Frank Bennett series is well written, fast paced and has a lot of twists Just when I thought I d figured out what had happened, something else would happen to make me realize I was wrong I didn t want to put the book down because I wanted to find out whodunit so badly The characters were a fun mix of t [...]

    15. Apurva Jain says:

      The lure a small town murder mystery is exactly what the title says Its about a murder in a rather small town where everyone knows everyone and thus everyone is believable and everyone is lying every character is detailed out which didn t really help as i lost track of the characters and their characteristics Having said that, the way everything comes together in the end is simply beautiful You actually feel for Mary, Sarah, Frank and Beth.The book does require some effort to get going but once [...]

    16. JoyAnna says:

      Title of the book is perfectBecause this does LURE you in This is a 2nd book in a series I have not read the first about a small town cop in upstate New York Black market adoptions, a local girl found dead having delivered a baby that no one knew about, environmental groups and quirky townsfolk made for a great mystery read Have read another 2 books by this author Another Mans Treasure its follow up eagerly awaiting the newest book in that series as well Main character Frank Bennett likable and [...]

    17. Jillian Higham says:

      Excellent small town murder mysteryI really enjoyed this book It was well written and the characters are very believable Frank Bennett is an engaging police chief who came across as warm and likeable In particular his nervousness at how to approach a lady in town, and feelings of guilt when an interrogation doesn t come out well come across as very human I will be looking for small town mysteries.

    18. Mary says:

      Gossips in a small town I really enjoy reading about small town mysteries They give you a different eye then if they are written for a larger metropolitan areaFrank is a s town sheriff with morals, history and foibles This was my first Frank Bennett mystery but won t be my last.

    19. Ann says:

      It was a good story line all the way thru the book Started out with a young lady being found dead in her car When they found out why she died, it started another investigation, and that lead into another crime connected to the girls death So there were 2 crimes all thru the book that the police were trying to crack Selling babies was one of the crimes Ends happily for the children.

    20. Ally Cabella says:

      Another great read This is another well written novel I enjoyed it, but I liked the first book in the series better For me, the middle of this one dragged a bit but it did not keep me from enjoying the story I will also be reading the remaining books in the series Overall, both books do not disappoint Highly recommended

    21. Joann says:

      A fine little mystery with a few twists I was pleasantly surprised by this free download I liked the main characters and wonder if they will be repeated in 3 The theme had to do with a black market adoption scam It was neatly wrapped up at the end of the book Will probably continue with this series.

    22. Janet says:

      Hubbard is a very talented mystery writer After reading her latest book for book club, I was determined to read her other books I would never have picked up this book based on the title and cover Swallow the Hook But it kept me guessing, even if it wasn t as much fun as Another Man s Treasure.

    23. Ruth L Stefani says:

      Nice little mysteryGood plot, a likeable main character you want to know better and a twist I didn t see coming Thoroughly enjoyed the story Time to hit the library and find the other two in the series

    24. Christine Darley says:

      As with other S W Hubbard books that I have read, I really loved the characters, laughed at the dialogue, and appreciated the scenery descriptions which really made me want to visit the Adirondacks one day Excellent plot, kept me guessing all the while.

    25. mark cadiz says:

      Very well writtenis could be happening in our own backyard.This was a good story so sad that some people are so money hungry and selfish I hope Frank finds a wonderful woman to share the rest of his life with.

    26. Mary says:

      I enjoyed this mystery very much One aspect i liked is that it takes place in a small town in the Adirondacks An easy, good story.

    27. Elaine says:

      A police procedural, probably somewhat on the cozy side, it has plenty of could be suspects I really liked it and am now on the next in the series.

    28. Sonja Randall says:

      Murder Mystery with just enough secrets to keep you guessing till the end Interesting plot, nice read.

    29. Nadine Cole says:

      I m loving the series as a ny girl Recalls the beautiful scenery of the adirondacks Also some complicated plots and story themes that continue across books.

    30. Sindy says:

      great mystery, kept me guessing Love that is takes place in the Adirondacks Thankful to have received a giveaway and look forward to reading of the series.

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