Nicole Hardy
Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir
August 10, 2019 Comments.. 568
Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir Nicole Hardy When Nicole Hardy s eye opening Modern Love column appeared in the New York Times, the response from readers was overwhelming Hardy s essay, which exposed the conflict between being true to herself as a woman and remaining true to her Mormon faith, struck a chord with women coast to coast.Now in her funny, intimate, and thoughtful memoir, Nicole Hardy explores how she cWhen Nicole Hardy s eye opening Modern Love column appeared in the New York Times, the response from readers was overwhelming Hardy s essay, which exposed the conflict between being true to herself as a woman and remaining true to her Mormon faith, struck a chord with women coast to coast.Now in her funny, intimate, and thoughtful memoir, Nicole Hardy explores how she came, at the age of thirty five, to a crossroads regarding her faith and her identity As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, Nicole had held absolute conviction in her Mormon faith during her childhood and throughout her twenties But as she aged out of the Church s singles ward and entered her thirties, she struggled to merge the life she envisioned for herself with the one the Church prescribed, wherein all women are called to be mothers and the role of homemaker is the emphatic ideal.Confessions of a Latter day Virgin chronicles the extraordinary lengths Nicole went to in an attempt to reconcile her human needs with her spiritual life flying across the country for dates with LDS men, taking up salsa dancing as a source for physical contact, even moving to Grand Cayman, where the ocean and scuba diving provided some solace But neither secular pursuits nor LDS guidance could help Nicole prepare for the dilemma she would eventually face a crisis of faith that caused her to question everything she d grown up believing.In the tradition of the memoirs Devotion and Mennonite in a Little Black Dress, Confessions of a Latter day Virgin is a mesmerizing and wholly relatable account of one woman s hard won mission to find love, acceptance, and happiness on her own terms.. Confessions of a Latter day Virgin A Memoir When Nicole Hardy s eye opening Modern Love column appeared in the New York Times the response from readers was overwhelming Hardy s essay which exposed the conflict between being true to herself as
  • Title: Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir
  • Author: Nicole Hardy
  • ISBN: 9781401341862
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir Nicole Hardy

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    1 Blog on “Confessions of a Latter-day Virgin: A Memoir

    1. Iroquois says:

      I have never before read a contemporary book that captured loneliness so well Not the typical I wanna get married kind of thing but the true loneliness of not fitting in at all, of not having a community that truly accepts you for who you are, of not having that soft place to fall And even though Nicole Hardy s struggles deal with her church Mormon and being a single woman in that church, and also being a virgin as a result, I found myself relating I know what it s like to freak out when your li [...]

    2. Callie says:

      I really don t know how to review this book without writing a review of her life and her life s choices, because since this is a memoir it s hard not to form these opinions What I liked about this book It felt honest.It was a story about a Mormon I am also Mormon It was well written.My issues with it It reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love, which I also liked but I don t like seeing all the imitations of it Someday this book might sound dated, because it is so similar to the currently popular memoirs [...]

    3. Paullette says:

      This is a fantastically fun read that I blazed through in two days couldn t put it down I laughed, I cried, I used Visine so I could still look presentable at work after reading all night It s such a refreshingly original book that I almost feel guilty at how easily I imagined a close kinship with its author It is so much a specific tale, with a precisely unique heroine, that one could be forgiven for assuming it would read like science fiction It is, however, a book that manages to fully tell i [...]

    4. Jennifer D. Munro says:

      A Life of One s Own This book deserves a place on the shelf next to Woolf s A Room of One s Own and Tillie Olsen s Silences It s as much about a woman choosing a creative life and having the strength to follow her dreams, rather than caving in to cultural pressure to procreate and live a prescribed female existence, as it is a meditation on sex and faith The author is generous, compassionate, and gentle with characters such as her parents and boyfriends, which is a relief in a memoir culture rid [...]

    5. LATOYA JOVENA says:

      An interesting and enlightening take on the Mormon religion written by a brilliant and well read author This story hits close to home for me I was raised as a Jehovah s Witness since the age of 9 and never wanted anything to do with it I m now an atheist Recently I ve been think what would have happened if my family was baptist or something Would I have enjoyed church and the church members Would I believe in god now This book makes me wonder the same things about the author Mormonism has worked [...]

    6. Shannon Stevens says:

      I like to get people laughing, and then punch them in the stomach It s not as sadistic as it sounds, but Hardy s not foolin She will get you laughing, then punch you in the stomach The thing is, you keep coming back for because Nicole Hardy is a fantastic storyteller With a carefully crafted balance of wit and guts, she relates her experience in a way that is clever and charming, yet aches with stark vulnerability Exquisitely written, and a joy to read Sucker punches and all.

    7. Peggy Ganong says:

      There are many memoirs flooding the US book market Most strike me as contrived, unconvincing and forgettable Not this one It is thoughtful, candid and well written Hardy is a poet The story it tells is true and rings true In some ways, it is everyone s story Growing up means figuring out who you are and what you want in life, identifying the obstacles and contradictions, accepting that you can t have everything, and pursuing what you choose as vital Hardy chose the writing life and the childfree [...]

    8. Rhi says:

      Cognitive Dissonance is described as The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs When there is a discrepancy between beliefs and behaviors, something must change in order to eliminate or reduce the dissonance Nicole Hardy explores her experience with this uncomfortable state when her authentic self shows up and does not match the ideal she has been raised to believe in as part of the Mormon religion She does not wa [...]

    9. Anne says:

      This book made me sad I am a member of the LDS church, and I have known far too many people who have left because some clueless member of the church said something heartless to them Gives the rest of us a bad name I had to sympathize with Nicole s challenges in dealing with the standard view of a perfect life in the church when her life didn t fit the mold I too have a different way of life than the standard Molly Mormon, but I ve been blessed to have been surrounded by good, supportive, open mi [...]

    10. Kris says:

      The first third of this book was a little slow for me Maybe because it was about her childhood and BYU experiences, which as a convert who later left Mormonism, I just didn t relate to But the second two thirds of this book felt honest and real, and it captured the feeling of being trapped in a world that just doesn t fit The story of being a 35 year old Mormon virgin may not be universal, but the author s capturing of the feelings of not being a part of a community that your world is created a [...]

    11. Kara says:

      Ms Hardy s memoir describes the tension in her life between the expectations she had for love and marriage formed in her religious upbringing in the Mormon Church, and the dating and sexual experiences she had as a single adult woman which lead her to choose to leave the Church.She never expressed a strong personal commitment to the Mormon Church beyond the fact that she had a pattern of attending church with her family she never indicated that she found particular comfort or solace in its teach [...]

    12. Becca says:

      This book resonated with me in some pretty hard ways the desire for companionship, the desire to be wanted and loved, being in conflict with the norms of culture and one s religious community However, that being said, thankfully, there were off shoots where I just couldn t connect Whereas Hardy talked about knowing only one unmarried woman in the LDS church and she was definitely an odd bird , I have been blessed with so many examples of powerful, strong, dedicated women who are not waiting arou [...]

    13. Holly says:

      This was not a book I sought out I spontaneously saw it on the new books shelf and the Latter Day caught my eye To sum up Sexually frustrated single Mormon Girl tries Salsa dancing and SCUBA diving Spoiler alert She leaves the church and has sex.It reminded me of Eat, Pray, Love but I didn t like it quite as well It has all of the self indulgent tone and almost none of the humor and charm I m not giving it a star rating because I feel like if I did, it would be of a rating of her life choices t [...]

    14. Jennie says:

      Hmmmm Hmmmmmmmmmm Not sure what I think about this read I could relate to the author we re roughly the same age, both had wonderful faith based childhood homes, and experienced similar BYU undergraduate educations I have also felt at times different from other LDS women around me and have bristled at what I perceived as imposed expectations Yet while my life experiences have anchored me to my faith, I see good people find genuine pain where I find solace I so wish others could walk in my shoes a [...]

    15. Jamie says:

      This is a quick read I can t quite say I enjoyed it but I did think it was worth reading If you have any single LDS women in your life I think it would open your eyes to their lonliness and how the mormon culture entirely fails them I found myself feeling so sad for the author Unable to find happiness for so long Would be a great book for a book club I was so glad that she finally just made a choice and embraced it To me it didn t matter what she chose, she just needed to embrace it Her life as [...]

    16. Beth Lundgreen says:

      Loved this book and appreciated the honesty of it Her experiences parallel my own so I found it very relatable and often found her describing feelings I ve experienced but hadn t quite been able to express I m not sure people unfamiliar with LDS beliefs or culture can fully grasp her struggle but for those who want to get a better idea of the mid single experience in Mormonism this is a must read.

    17. Erin Malone says:

      In this memoir, Hardy proves fearless It s not just because she s writing about difficult subjects faith, sexuality, and how her identity in the Mormon church is at odds with her sense of self She seems to approach life fearlessly Though virginal , she never shies away from challenge She travels alone to exotic places, salsa dances, deep sea dives, and lives for her art Ultimately, her bravest act is to accept herself as she is This is a compelling story.

    18. Isla McKetta says:

      Nicole Hardy carries her Confessions of a Latter Day Virgin from Modern Love column to memoir and teaches about love, compassion, and feminism on the way This beautifully human book covers everything you think and all kinds of things you don t expect Hardy helped me be courageous in my own writing and to finally write about my real, un gussied up self in an essay that doubles as a book review.

    19. Rebecca says:

      I have such mixed feelings about this one.It was a fast read.While I dont think her story is at all unique she is just one of the few to write about it she does not really aknowledge other people s experience In the end I kind of just felt bad for her, which I am sure was not her point.Would love to discuss this one in a book club settting.

    20. Sarah Asp says:

      I couldn t put it down Her story is so dramatically different to mine but I identified with her and felt for her She is a great writer.

    21. Clarice says:

      Her story is not my story, and yet it is my story Alot of women can identify with the discord that happens when ones worth is solely based on one s ability to mother There s so much to a woman than that The author expresses it so well when she says, There is no room for what I feel, what I m drawn to, what I m good at My leaders tell me what my gifts are, and they re wrong They tell me what my nature is, and they re wrong They tell me what my purpose is, and I feel nothing Regarding sexuality a [...]

    22. Sandy Hall says:

      I received this as an early read from NetGalley I loved this I grew up with a goodly number of Mormon families, but it was one religion that didn t seem to invite outsiders Everyone was friendly at school it was a small Alaskan town in the 70 s and 80 s, everyone knew everyone but the Mormon kids didn t really invite non Mormon kids over for sleepovers and asking questions about the inner workings of the LDS church was NOT encouraged This book shone a light on the most intimate of subjects and s [...]

    23. Jenn says:

      Love her writing She is easy to relate to her struggles to fit the LDS mold of what a woman should be and want finding the balance between her faith and her hopes, dreams, and desires for her life I love that she is a strong woman who wants someone to hold her hand, wake up next to, and challenge her, but not define her There is humor often self deprecating but it isn t meant to be a humor piece view spoiler I could identify with the dichotomy between well meaning and great people in the church [...]

    24. Jackie says:

      This book was a very interesting read to me Nicole Hardy has a writing style that I very much enjoyed She dealt with a very sensitive topic in a respectful way I could completely relate to the way she talked about loving books and being so excited to come to class and discuss them, and I can relate to not accepting the traditional role as all that is required to make a woman happy in life and the guilt that comes with that sometimes Her reaction to so many texts, books and movies, could have bee [...]

    25. Katie says:

      Whew This book was emotionally draining It is about a single woman in the Mormon church who does not fit into the typical, cultural mold and strains against her upbringing and beliefs until finally she gives up and leaves the church It is almost a relief when she does She does not want to have children and doesn t enjoy any domestic activities, and wants to be a poet and writer She can t find any suitable Mormon men to date and can t seem to have a long term relationship with non Mormon men beca [...]

    26. Star says:

      I was drawn in by Nicole s honest and fearless account of her struggle with her Mormon faith The church s expectations and pressure for her to remain pure and continue to pursue the path of traditional wife and mother, even as she ages out of their singles group, and realizes she has no yearnings for children, become impossible goals for independent, artfully driven Nicole I have to give it to her she really tried But when she finally realizes that staying in the church means losing herself she [...]

    27. Heidi says:

      Confessions of a Latter day Virgin A MemoirI have just finished reading this interesting, thought provoking, memoir There are so many people that I think need and should read this book But will they They would realize that they are not alone and they are not struggling with something no one else understands It is a memoir in one woman s life but it crosses so many lines that you can make it work for your story, but it is hers, and it is beautiful and heart warming Thank you Nicole for writing so [...]

    28. Anna says:

      Like I do about five times a year, I picked this book up because of the title I didn t even read the cover blurb, because the title was so intriguing So, way to go, whoever came up with the title Also, the book is amazing It s heart warming, and heart breaking, and funny, and sad I felt the full gamut of emotions following Nicole s journey through her faith While there s a lot of discussion of religion, this is not a book that is either for or against the Mormon faith It s just the story of one [...]

    29. Heather says:

      Buzzed through this when I had time L brought it home from work because he thought I d be interested Yep He knows me well Interesting memoir One I could relate to on some levels The BYU experience The attempting to date LDS guys The questioning My life has been vastly different from the author s so it s not fair to compare or try to completely relate After all, I ve been married for 21 years so clearly wasn t a virgin until well into my 30s Thank goodness The overt sexuality that she felt I coul [...]

    30. Arin Jeffs says:

      I really enjoyed listening to her story and her experience I could relate to alot of the things she talked about on many different levels I wish that she would have talked less about having sex and about other issues in her religion that didn t add up to her I feel like her focus on her virginity could have taken away some of her credibility in the Mormon world either way, I enjoyed her story and was envious of her life on some level It takes alot of courage to write about this subject and I ad [...]

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