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Subway Art
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Subway Art Martha Cooper Henry Chalfant Two gifted photographers have documented every aspect of this extraordinary urban subculture, complete with 239 full color photographs.. Subway Art Two gifted photographers have documented every aspect of this extraordinary urban subculture complete with full color photographs
  • Title: Subway Art
  • Author: Martha Cooper Henry Chalfant
  • ISBN: 9780805006780
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • Subway Art Martha Cooper Henry Chalfant

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      331 Martha Cooper Henry Chalfant
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    1 Blog on “Subway Art

    1. Jon(athan) Nakapalau says:

      The first book to look at this movement no matter where you stand as far as what is is not art this book will open your eyes to a movement that has influenced may aspects of modern design.

    2. Brook says:

      Among my most prize possessions is a signed copy by SEEN Like many, this was my introduction into Graffiti, and containing work by the true golden age pioneers the now aged content still holds up to any of today s graffiti books.

    3. Cecilia says:

      Okay Am I biased Yes Why Because when it comes to Art books, I only ever read stuff from people who are dead or from artists whom I ve met from my own artistic journey as an exhibiting visual artist side So it was really lovely to meet some of the guys and gals from this book You are all characters It was a bonus to find this book by accident without knowing anything about it and then just opened it and realised Oh, I know these people Love to you all I know there will be blah blahs about vandal [...]

    4. HBalikov says:

      My copy is the 25th Anniversary Edition published in 2009It is about 128 pp.The format size is large and the quality of the rendition of the photos, very good.Here is my conundrum I look at Hand of Doom by Seen 1980 and I am as impressed by its power and glory as with many murals done during the 1930s under the WPA The majority of other photos elicit the same reaction but also a feeling that there are should be other venues for this artistry Can we fully celebrate the artistry when it often verg [...]

    5. Jonathan says:

      My 5 star rating comes with a caveat Yes, I loved this book the talent exhibited by the graffiti artists who are represented here is in some cases, extraordinary.But beautiful as it may be, I don t want to give the impression that I condone the practice of graffiting up public spaces In fact, I abhor it and honestly believe that it is, in a sense, infectious In other words, all it takes is for authorities to ignore a small problem for it to quickly grow into a huge one.But this book is fortunate [...]

    6. Alejandro says:

      One of my favorites on this topic.

    7. Osvaldo says:

      While only a kind of surface overview of the graffiti culture of the late 70s early 80s, I would count this as a foundational text as it was put together by two of the most well known graffiti photographers of the era Henry Chalfant also co produced the seminal hip hop doc Style Wars It may have benefited from a third writer who could take of an anthropological or cultural studies approach to really dig deep into the cultural practices of NYC subway art, as it stands it is a great artifact of e [...]

    8. Neal says:

      I scored this book for under 5 at a Borders closing sale, and man was it worth it It s quite a large book, but the pictures are awesome and crisp It doesn t have hardly any info on the artists or places of most of the pictures in the book, but that s kind of how I like it It leaves to the imagination Whilst the pages and pages of subway art are cool in their own right, the real gems are the pictures of the artists painting them 80 s B Boys at their finest If you dig graffiti, and dig the 80s, t [...]

    9. Vinayak Hegde says:

      A seminal book on the ephemeral art that is graffiti especially on NYC subway system where it originated The book is made even romantic due to the way the writers met in documenting the graffiti scene It covers different styles the motivation of the writers in this interesting grass roots subculture The book is full of beautifully curated photos and key for understanding 80s New York graffiti subculture.

    10. John Gentry says:

      A combination of street art and photo ethnography It s a winning combination that takes us into a time capsule we have the players, the art, and the streets all captured into one nice package While the focus is on trains and subways cars so we miss out on a lot of graff but it s still an amazing piece of history.

    11. Irwin says:

      Fantastic, quality reproductions of an Art form that in its day was considered crime than creativity The photographs not only bring out the sheer talent of some of these artists, but chronicle a vivid time of a pre sanitized NYC The authors accompanying text was excellent, and the only reason it is not a 5 is there was not enough of it.

    12. Allison says:

      The 1983 documentary Style Wars does a thorough job of explaining how graffiti art spawned from hip hip hop culture and spread to a global movement However, the images preserved in this book are a better way to study graffiti as visual art.

    13. Azaghedi says:

      In high school, this was only about one of two books I could find at my library dealing with graffiti, so I made up for this deficiency in variety by poring over this one for many an hour Lots of great, old school NYC graffiti.

    14. Terry Mcguire says:

      The original Takes you back to a place not too long ago but gone forever This is what it was like What I saw as a kid A picture tells a thousand words, words that created a foundation in the hip hop world.

    15. Angela says:

      This over sized book is all photographs with a few pages of text The photos are all subway cars painted with graffiti I would have liked information on each of the artists but perhaps that is meant for another book.

    16. Shawn says:

      This is the bible for graffiti artist as it covers the very first generation of the spray paint artists and the early NYC subway train shows That said, I think it is appealing to an actual graffiti artist trying to learn the craft vs a casual reader learning about the art over all.

    17. Molly says:

      this felt historical than current For a recent look at graffiti art, I recommend The Graffiti Wall Street Art from Around the World.

    18. Elyse says:

      Loved this, received from daughter as a Christmas gift.

    19. Lindsey.parks says:

      Owned this book for years, just now actually reading it because I am an idiot.

    20. Ian Parfrey says:

      it s too bad this book isn t 4 times as long every time i ride the subway i miss this stuff.

    21. Josh says:

      lots of great pictures, and lots of interesting stuff about the history of graffiti

    22. Oriana says:

      want want want want WANT.

    23. Tanya Maria says:

      This was my first art book and I remeber clearly reading it and thinking my culture, my city, my hip hop was exposed to the world and nothing would ever be the same.

    24. Laura says:

      My first graffiti bookAnd it s lead to a wide collection since then.

    25. Liam Klenk says:

      An artistic mirror reflecting this generation of artists back to us Indispensable Art is how we communicate who we truly are.

    26. Tina says:

      A lot of great photos in this book Good source of inspiration There isn t a lot of information but a few random facts One of my go to books.

    27. Oli4b says:

      Found it at the Donner Ramsj for 14 euro s Got the twice as small original for 30 euro s at This book contains hardly any text and loads of big photo s, truly amazing collector s item

    28. dirt says:

      The pieces by Lee were amazing.

    29. Rdl says:

      Simply the best graffiti book ever

    30. Gary Warren says:

      While I am fascinated by the art displayed in the book, there is something off putting about it as well Too bad there was not another way for these young artist to express themselves Either way, this book is fascinating to look at as it displays an urban art form that is a wonder.

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