Jessica Conant-Park Susan Conant
Turn Up the Heat
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Turn Up the Heat Jessica Conant-Park Susan Conant The Gourmet Girl returns to solve the murder of one bad egg Chloe Carter has a lot on her plate exams for grad school are coming up, and her chef boyfriend needs her support as his fledgling trendy restaurant comes into its own The staff of Simmer gets along like petits pois in a pod, everyone pulling pranks on one another now and then Everyone, that is, except for LeaThe Gourmet Girl returns to solve the murder of one bad egg Chloe Carter has a lot on her plate exams for grad school are coming up, and her chef boyfriend needs her support as his fledgling trendy restaurant comes into its own The staff of Simmer gets along like petits pois in a pod, everyone pulling pranks on one another now and then Everyone, that is, except for Leandra, a waitress who treats the busboys like chopped liver and can never take a joke One morning, Leandra s dead body is found in a fish truck So people start to wonder was this just a prank gone awry Or did somebody actually want her to sleep with the fishes. Turn Up the Heat The Gourmet Girl returns to solve the murder of one bad egg Chloe Carter has a lot on her plate exams for grad school are coming up and her chef boyfriend needs her support as his fledgling trendy re
  • Title: Turn Up the Heat
  • Author: Jessica Conant-Park Susan Conant
  • ISBN: 9780425219478
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Turn Up the Heat Jessica Conant-Park Susan Conant

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    1 Blog on “Turn Up the Heat

    1. Jenn says:

      The writing drive me nuts In places it was overtly simple I also hated Chloe Life was so simple for her except for trying to fit into the atmosphere on the street where the Simmer restaurant was situated She tried to be Miss Perfect and it drove me to not like her The talk of her social work was completely over amped as well.

    2. Earl Grey says:

      Just a story A story of a girl with a chef as her boyfriend, of her pregnant best friend, and his boyfriend s restaurant These were the main focus of the book and it felt like the murder was just thrown there for the sake of categorizing it as Mystery.The only thing that interest me and kept me reading is the kitchen It felt like I could relate with Josh and the other chefs w kitchen work Not the steal and sell part I would probably give it stars if it did not label itself as mystery and just s [...]

    3. Thebookmistress says:

      Not enough mystery clues, suspects, motivation, anything It s important to include character development and relationship to make the crime solving relevant, but this is just a bunch of boring characters being boring together, barely pausing for mystery solving.

    4. Sally Hannoush says:

      Lots of twists and turns in the third installment of the series Backstabing, lying, secrets, weddings, murder, and kidnapping There was a little bit of everything in this story So far this is my favorite read Recipes included The sneak peak into book four really has me wanting to read it.

    5. Kristin Cochran Schadler says:

      Breezed through this in a few hours Fun read, hard to put down Loved that Adrianna and Owen got a little depth Good mystery

    6. Xyra says:

      This is actually the third book in the A Gourmet Girl Mystery series There is no indication of this on the cover of the book Thankfully it is a stand alone story and the author does not allude to any previous stories in this one Why is so hard to put the number on the spine or cover somewhere That used to be standard practicewhy not continue that A fun read This is a cozy mystery so you can have peace of mind knowing that there will not be a lot of gore or intense suspense.The story is told by C [...]

    7. Diane Morasco says:

      Turn Up the Heat is the 3rd adventure in the savory Gourmet Girl culinary mystery series by noted mother daughter scribes, Jessica Conant Park Susan Conant.Turn Up the Heat shines a light on the restaurant industry what goes on behind the scenes in our neighborhood kitchens by showcasing the lush, elegant, Simmer.Jessica Susan do a steller job sketching restaurant life this is the best installment yet.Turn Up the Heat is on fire w juicy tidbits on what makes or breaks a restaurant Yummy goodness [...]

    8. Nolan says:

      It s sometimes the case with series mysteries that things start to get stale and less interesting by book three Not so with this Boston based culinary mystery series crafted by a mother and daughter team The characters you know and love are back in this third book, and I didn t see the solution to the mystery before it was appropriate to do so It s spring at last in Boston Chloe Carter has it made in so many ways She s days away from graduation, and her romance with Executive Chef Josh at Simmer [...]

    9. Michelle says:

      In this third installment of the Gourmet Girl series, Chloe is coming up on exams in her master s program in social work and is also stressed about how busy her boyfriend Josh has been at Simmer, where he is head chef Her best friend is very hormonal from her pregnancy and planned marriage to Owen, who has given up his wayward ways and now has a straight job as a driver account manager for a seafood distributor When a waitress at Simmer ends up dead in the back of Owen s refrigerated truck, Chlo [...]

    10. Kimberly says:

      Book 3 in A Gourmet Girl Mystery.Chloe and Josh are still going strong, even though they don t get to spend much alone time together Simmer, the restaurant where Josh is a chef at, keeps him busy working long, hard hours They just opened a new patio area and are really starting to make a name for themselves Especially when Leandra, on of Simmer s waitresses with an attitude, is found dead in the back of the fish suppliers truck on morning Chloe finds herself with quite a full plate as she tracks [...]

    11. Jennifer Wardrip says:

      Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadTooChloe still barely sees her boyfriend, Josh, whose job as a chef keeps him extremely busy Sometimes the only way to see him is to eat at his restaurant, Simmer After eating dinner there one night with a group of friends, Owen s forced to leave his ride parked in the alley behind the restaurant The next morning, Chloe and Owen return to fetch his truck, but, much to their dismay, they discover the body of their waitress, Leandra, in the back murdered De [...]

    12. Pam says:

      03 09 08TITLE AUTHOR TURN UP THE HEAT by Jessican Conant Park Susan ConantRATING 4 BGENRE PUB DATE OF PGS Mystery 2008 250 pgs SERIES STAND ALONE 3 in Gourmet Girl seriesTIME PLACE Present BostonCHARACTERS Chloe Carter grad student Josh Driscoll Chloe s boyfriend, chef at trendy new restaurnat SimmerFIRST LINES Early May in Boston There s nothing else like itMENTS library book Light, fun, entertaining An interesting look into the restaurant biz, a little shocked at the amount of stealing that is [...]

    13. Dlora says:

      I like this series but this third book didn t do much for me It didn t describe the life of restaurant chefs and cooking enough, the motivation for the murder seemed weak, there wasn t much suspense or tension or even very good logic in figuring out the murderer, the character development between the main character and her boyfriend was anemic, it left a lot of threads hanging for the next book , and I just must have been in a bad mood the writing seemed weak compared to the book I just read and [...]

    14. Carole says:

      Chloe Carter, a doctoral student in social work with a boyfriend who is the head chef at a new Boston area restaurant, doesn t need anything else on her plate but she gets it anyway, a murder to solve One of the waitresses where her boyfriend is the chef is murdered and left in her best friend s fiance s fish delivery truck Of course Chloe has to try to solve the murder because the police think the fiance is the murderer, and her best friend begs Chloe to clear his name Chloe gets in a lot deepe [...]

    15. Margo Brooks says:

      I enjoyed this silly witty mystery about the Boston restaurant scene In this third book of culinary capers, Chloe s boyfriend Josh is head chef at a new Newbery Street restaurant, but all isn t perfect Things are disappearing left and right and when one of the waitresses winds up dead in the back of a fish truck, everyone is a suspect It is clever and fun and warm, but I agree with some other reviewers that this is supposed to be a mystery series, and there was not a lot of sleuthing going on Ev [...]

    16. Mascanlon says:

      Cute new series by mother and daughter Jessica Conant Park and Susan Conant of dog and ct lover fame Billed as a Gourmet Girl Mystery the daughter is married to a chef this story centers around the boyfriend chef s restaurant and the nasty server who gets strangled by an apron tie early on If you love delectable food descriptions and recipes that sound wonderful while promising a lot of work, this is a good beach, bus pass the time read.

    17. Connie says:

      I liked the characters and storyline of this book When a waitress is found dead in the back of a delivery truck it seems everyone who works at the restaurant are suspects We see some of what happens with the cooks and wait staff getting everything ready for the day Also there are some great recipes at the end of the book What I didn t care for is the fact that everyone thinks its ok to steal from the restaurant FTC disclosure I bought my copy of this book.

    18. Erin says:

      I picked this book up as a remainder from the dollar store and I can see why I couldn t get past the first chapter or so, because what sounded like a promising synopsis began with stereotypical characters and pure drivel My time is too valuable to waste on bad writing Thank the gods for paperback swap

    19. Barbara says:

      This is the third of a series of very fun books They are perfect for summer beach reads, for winter ski chalet reads, for anytime you want to read something that will a keep your attention b be fun c is well written and d surprises you with the ending These are not the sort of mysteries where you will easily guess whodunit.

    20. Carmen says:

      I m totally enjoying this series.It s fun, light, includes lots of good foodie stuff oh yeah d never in a million years would I have guessed the, um, motive for all the mayhem this time LOL.

    21. Skye says:

      I didn t like this one as much as the other two The reason for the murder was just a little ridiculous to me However, it kept with the same story line There s never much romance in these books but somehow she keeps it going.

    22. Ala says:

      A very entertaining mystery without a lot of the heavy drama It s mystery chick lit written from the perspective of an amateur sleuth There s plenty of action, some suspense, a little confusion, but it all makes for a delightful read.

    23. Carol Evans says:

      I enjoy the characters in this series They re all a little quirky The motive for the murder was not really believable, though I have to try a couple of the recipes in the back, especially the calamari one.

    24. Jamie says:

      This is the third book in this entertaining series Unfortunately for me, I started reading the series backwards However, this is a fun and lighthearted book that I am really enjoying i feel a connection with the characters and am close to finishing this quick read.

    25. Kelly24 says:

      I really like how this series isn t about an amateur sleuth interfering with the police investigation This is a nice refreshing change and I really like reading about the characters lives I also like the bits of humor that is thrown in A really great series I can t wait to read the next book

    26. Kim says:

      This book was pretty lame It was okay, until the very end and then it felt like the author couldn t come up with a reason for the person to commit the crime and just used the first thing she thought of Please, if you value your mind DON T READ IT

    27. Jen says:

      I m so happy to finally be able to read the rest of these Even if the library did send me s 3 and 4 when I have yet to read 2 The gaps are easy to fill in I really enjoy this series It s fun, uncomplicated, easy to read.

    28. Jen says:

      Pretty good book Had some boring spots but I enjoyed it overall.

    29. Katie Jane says:

      This is the third title in this series, and not nearly as good as the first one And, since I m not a foodie, I find all the recipe details throughout the narrative nothing but distracting.

    30. Dawn says:

      I m really enjoying this series Fast, easy read, but FUN I rarely find good mysteries that make me laugh out loud at times.

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